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How to choose the bra for girls?

A Complete Girl’s Bra Guide for Teenagers

Before discussing how to choose the proper bra for teenage girls, you’ll have to know first the various stages of development for teenage breasts. Since the primary purpose of bras is to support, and protect the developing breast; the sole consideration for choosing bras should be the development stage the teenage breast is in.

According to researches done by Stanford Children health, female breast development can be categorized into 5 stages


For stage 1:

Breast conditionOnly the tip of the nipple is raised.

Bra recommendation:we recommend purchasing Training Bra\ First Bra\ Beginner’s Bra\ girls bra or teenager bra (They are the same type with different names).

Bra features:Training bra don’t have any padding making it resemble more of a short tank top than an actual bra

Reason of recommendation

At stage 1, teenage breasts have just begun to develop. Therefore, a training bra will protect breast tissues and breasts from ligament tear due to lack of support during activities

Training bras are designed as an introductory product for teenagers who just begun developing thier breasts and don’t really know how do deal with them. Training bras will fit well in this period to protect their developing breast and allow girls to get used to wearing bras.

For stage 2

Breast condition:Buds appear, and breast and nipple are raised. The dark area of skin around the nipple (the areola) gets larger.

Bra recommendation:padded training bra

Bra features:the bra comes with a light and thin padding smaller than the A cup pad on the market

Reason of recommendation
  • At stage two, the newly formed breast lumps are soft and need extra protection. Therefore, a thin and light bra pad fulfils this objective, and makes the newly formed breast invisible to avoid awkwardness.
  • the bra pad is smaller than A-cup bra pads. This is because in most cases the new breast is insufficient in size to fill A-cup size pads. Hence the smaller bra pad is able to better support and protect the breast.
  • It is also recommended to purchase a bralette rather than a traditional bra. The reason being females in age 12-18 are undergoing major physical changes including the expansion of thier ribcage. Most of the traditional bra types are connected by sews making them lack the necessary elasticity found in bralettes which might cause health problems. If you are unsure of your child’s dimensions, consider purchasing a universal size bralette.

For stage 3-5

We recommend to extend the usage of second stage bralettes to all future stages of breast development until your child’s breast size can fill an A-cup bra pad. However, even  if your child’s breast size develop to such a size before maturation, we still advise against a hooked bra to avoid exerting pressure to the still developing ribcage.


Protects From Ligament Tear
  • In an exercise, if a developing breast can’t get the support it needs, breast tissue and ligament damage might ensue. An introductory bra in this case can prevent the above conditions by limiting the degree of breast oscillation during an exercise.
Helps Avoid Posture Problems
  • One of the main issues teenagers face is neck and back pain. The primary reason for the occurrence of these issues is the delayed or improper choice of bras. Introductory bras prevent this by stabling breasts in place.
Prevents Sagging
  • Breast ptosis is the drop of breast under its own weight due to loss of elasticity in aging tissues. Most of the female patients who’s experiencing or is about to experience breast ptosis generally recall a lack of suitable bra in their teenage period.
Offers a Secured and Comfortable Outlook
  • Often a regular camisole cannot offer enough support, firmness, and comfort for developing breasts with everyday outfits and uniforms. In this case, a teen bra/ beginner’s bra ensures a secured and comfortable outlook to carry on everyday activities with confidence. 

  Hides Nipple Show-Through

  • introductory bras is effective at making your nipples invisible by using a double layer fabric over the entire bra pad


With these tips in mind, shop for your daughter today!

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